U100U80U40U70U30U10SW U4SW U2
Thanks to the special construction loudspeakers of this line look like thin laconically shaped panels.

What kind of sound can provide these small slim cabinets? It is hard to believe, but in quality they are comparable to senior congeners: voluminosity, power, dynamics and naturalness. Explanation is simple - the components used here are of the same audiophile grade, as in CREDO line, for instance, and, obviously, successful engineers' work.

New formats HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc, which offer a new level of quality, exactly contribute to the exposure of these loudspeakers' high potential. Combined with plasma and LCD panels or projection screens U-LINE loudspeakers create an ideal home theatre set. Separately placed subwoofer and thoroughly considered loudspeakers' installation options, for example, corbel on the wall or partly deepened into the wall, as well as place on the floor or on a shelf, using respective stands. All these makes loudspeakers UNIVERSAL indeed.

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