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Audio speakers are often described via a variety of adjectives...

“Outstanding”, “amazing”... ”inspired”... the list of superlatives that are now part of the audiophile’s lexicon is more amazing than most of the equipment its used to describe.

Though once you experience the sheer audio purity of our Excellence Series we think you’ll be ready to add a new word to your repertoire... ”Decadence”.

Can sound be decadent? Can it enthrall you with a supple richness, a sonic fluidity that renders any previous audition a mere footnote in your search for the ultimate in sound reproduction?

Thanks to our Excellence Series, the answer is yes.

You see, Excellence Series speakers weren’t designed as much as they were nurtured. Our engineers were handed blank pieces of paper and the directive “Create the ultimate speaker. the kind of speaker that says you answer to audiophiles... not accountants”.

And as you’ll be able to hear from our Excellence Series, our engineers took us at our word.

From their formidable front panel to their painstakingly rounded corners – crafted to virtually eliminate interference – to the high frequency element, ingeniously “semi-sunk” to minimize cabinet “interaction” whilst ensuring optimal projection, Excellence Series Speakers will quite simply upstage any brand they are compared to.

Of course that should come as no surprise, because with the components we used we’d expect nothing less. The capacitors hail from Mundorf of Germany, the drivers are the finest SEAS of Norway has to offer, the connectors are by Cardas – an institution in American audio. We even scoured the planet looking for the best and purest internal wiring. And because no subwoofer would do this level of audio product justice, we were left with no choice but to create our own.

The result – all to create a breathtaking listener experience... a soundstage that goes so far beyond the conventional “three dimensional” listening experience to provide a level of depth and audio dynamics so intensely immersive it adds a whole new “fourth” dimension.

Clearly a listening experience of this level can not be presented or encased in just any finish. That’s why our designers sought out stunning furniture grade woods to embrace the sides and rear of these groundbreaking sonic marvels.

If you’re getting the impression that no detail was overlooked in this pursuit of “audio decadence, you’re right.

One listen and you’ll agree... Excellence truly is its own reward.