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AUDES EXCELLENCE is an extraordinary new addition to our diverse family of products.  It is a new design and a new concept based on a desire to offer the finest audio product that sets new audiophile standards in high value speakers.
AUDES EXCELLENCE 4 is like a fine musical instrument. It was created to bring you the solidity, refined ability and dedication to deliver all aspects, nuances, magic, realism and a remarkable three dimensional sound stage.
Every model in the AUDES EXCELLENCE line has unique and profound design foundation, like its ultra massive front panel, with rounded side edges to eliminate any unwanted interferences. Side and rear panels were created to embrace the cabinet with the finest grades of wood veneer. Cabinet stability is ensured by a substantial cabinet base and adjustable floor spikes.
AUDES EXCELLENCE utilizes the finest audiophile grade components. We have incorporated a silk dome based tweeter (SEAS of Norway) that has been submerged into the cabinet to diminish negative influences of cabinet interferences. Paper based mid-bass drivers are the finest new SEAS products. We have developed proprietary 10" woofers, specifically designed for the Excellence line to insure unprecedented and unmatched ability to recreate an articulated bass.
The crossover network utilizes the world's finest MUNDORF capacitors. Our research and development team have vigorously selected and tested every component. We choose only the best and the world's finest components, we do not take shortcuts and do not accept compromises.
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  AUDES Excellence is available in variety of fine wood veneer finishes: natural cherry, mahogany, black ash, nut. Optionally, exotic finishes available such as burl wood in matte or fine piano gloss finishes.